So it begins.

Vw bus adventure, road tripToday is my last day at my job. My wife Kim and I have decided to participate in “ditch logic” and move into our 1976 VW bus for the foreseeable future.  The next month will be spent downsizing our life, getting our house ready to rent, and making sure the bus is up to the task.

The adventure is threefold:  First, it’s a trip to reset our brains, allowing “road therapy” to take hold. After the last couple of years, we decided we need this to keep us sane. Second, it’s an excuse to visit family and friends we see entirely too little. Lastly, we will be spreading Kim’s parents ashes at places special to them.

The general route is flexible as is the timeline. It’s critical when driving an old VW (or any car, really) to plan for contingencies and make no hard plans. That way when we get sidelined with the eventual breakdowns, it just adds character to our trip.

The basic plan is as follows:

The goal is to take time to stop and read the roadside historical markers, see the oddball tourist attractions. If we find a place we like, we might stay awhile before moving on.

Stay tuned for updates.